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Thread: Printing Schedules

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    Default Printing Schedules

    I have a room schedule for a 15 story tower with full tenant fitout - quite a lot of rooms. I have a master schedule, not for printing, and three baby schedules placed on sheets. I am used to using the print option "visible on screen". Yesterday, I wanted to print the master and discovered that I cannot zoom all and print "visible on screen" in a schedule.

    I tried other views and "visible on screen" worked, so I think Revit for some reason restricts the zoom and print options for schedules. I solved my problem by exporting to Excel, but it was a few extra steps.

    What could be the reasoning behind this?
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    Default Re: Printing Schedules

    Not sure why, just the way it has always been. I suspect it's because the size of the editing view has no connection to the size of the schedule when it is on the sheet. It doesn't get formatted for size until it is on a sheet.

    Just put the schedule on a simple title block sheet or two. Don't have to include it in your set.

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    Default Re: Printing Schedules

    Haven't tried this myself, but couldn you make a fake titleblock - something like 80x42 (really tall, normal width) for the master schedule and then print to Fit?
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