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Thread: Tagging In Place Families

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    Default Tagging In Place Families

    Hello, i've created an in place structural steel truss due to it's complexity. it is made of various W shapes.

    How do i tag the members that make up the truss? When i use 'Tag All' or 'Tag by Category' it only tags the truss itself not the individual members.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Short answer is, you won't be able to because Revit will look at an in-place family as a single object. Along the same lines, if you tried to schedule the individual elements Revit would not see them as pieces but as a whole.
    Now that you have done the work is it not possible to use the in-place family as a 'template' to place individual W shapes? That would allow you to tag, schedule and modify each piece more easily.

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