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Thread: Lighting problem: TOO much Light, Render 3dmax vray.

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    Lightbulb Lighting problem: TOO much Light, Render 3dmax vray.


    I'm using 3dmax 8 and vray to make this render.

    The Vray GI Environment is checked with 1.1 and I have a Direct Light with 0.55 (vray shadows on)

    You can see exactly what the problem is in the pictures, why is there too much light there and how can I fix it???

    I've tried with photoshop to do it manually but it's taking me too long.

    I hope you can help me.

    Cam01 C.jpgOpD 1.jpg

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    Default Re: Lighting problem: TOO much Light, Render 3dmax vray.

    Looks like a GI bounce issue (light splash). Are you using VRay Physical cameras? If so, just dial in the F-stop. Also, make sure caustics are turned off.

    If using standard cameras, try setting some exposure controls in the Environment panel. It's been several years since I've done that but I recall some tweaking.
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    Default Re: Lighting problem: TOO much Light, Render 3dmax vray.

    I'd suggest following what Glen's advised, but I'd also keep in mind that it can only go so far - although they're two different walls, they're also colored the same with very similar lighting; even in a real-world situation, they wouldn't have a lot of contrast between one wall and the other. You can raise your f-stop, but that's going to darken the shadowy areas in the entry/carport areas. If you want that definition, you may have to fake it by raising your f-stop and adding a light or two in the darker areas. Just some food for thought.
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