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Thread: Yet another Project file question...

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    Default Yet another Project file question...

    Okay, there may be a simple answer to this, I hope.

    My stuff: Windows 7, Inventor 12 / vault 12

    My working Folder: C:/1-local working folder/Prime

    My Project File: Prime.ipj

    Now, For some reason and I'm not sure when it happened I tried checking out a drawing and it said inventor could not set the project file to Prime.ipj. I went into inventor to see if it was set on default.ipj for some reason like it had been in the past. But what I found was that my files were now located in Libraries>Documents>Vault>Prime

    So now I have a duplicate copy of my project file, ugh! So basically I need to know how I can move the stuff that is in my vaul under the copied project file back to the original. I mean it has to be able to be done since it did it for me without my permission.

    ... so frustrating. Thanks for any insight!

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    Default Re: Yet another Project file question...

    Make sure all files are checked in and you should be able to move the files that are in the wrong place. Move the files and make sure you don't have any redundant files then open, delete the old project file.

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