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Thread: wall tag w/ category parameter control

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    Default wall tag w/ category parameter control

    Our office uses a diamond wall tag, with circumscribed circle around diamond for rated walls. I'd like to get a wall tag to be able to read the category parameter of the tagged wall and do a conditional test such that if the Fire Rating category parameter is non-zero, it shows the circle. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that I can pull this into the tag's parameters... RVT allows me to do a label with the info... Is this just a revit-ism?

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    Default Re: wall tag w/ category parameter control

    Afraid not, at least as far as I know. The problem is that you are working with two types of variables. Any custom parameters that can be read by the labels in an annotation family must be generated from a shared parameter file in order for Revit to understand that both the tag and the object are reading the same information. The linework visibility within the tag family can be controlled by a parameter, but the annotation family type parameters must be specific to that family. Revit won't let you choose to pick from a shared parameter. To make things even better, the system default category parameters including "fire rating" are available to the label, but not to any other geometry. For whatever reason, the two types just don't mix.

    There is hope however. It is not as automatic as you might like, but you can set up a QA plan where rated walls show up as red, or have a distinct hatch pattern, etc. The attached image is from one of my QA plans where type "2" is a rated wall. First off, having plans like this are extremely helpful in double checking partition types. Secondly, you can set up a plan like this, temporarily isolate the rated walls (using select all instances), then select the related wall tags and change them all to show the circle with 3 clicks. So no, it doesn't fully automate, but it should help a bit.

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