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Thread: Curved Curtain Wall - One more post

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    Default Curved Curtain Wall - One more post

    Hello everyone - and before I'm blasted, I just searched (and read!) many, many posts about curved curtain-wall panels. Didn't find what I was hoping for.

    I have a fairly simple project (several towers, vertical extrusions for the most-part) with the exception of the corners. Currently, all corner glass in the project is curved (and not filleted). It may become a VE item in the future, but for now we're going ahead with curved glass and have identified manufacturers with the ability to provide glass (IGU, low-e coating) to match. It's fancy stuff.

    The facades are going well except for the corners. As noted in many, many other posts the default panel is straight and will not curve. I built a very quick panel to replace the 'default', thinking it would curve.

    It did not curve and now I am sad.

    I would prefer to avoid a radius that is set by a parameter and would rather that the panel simply matched the form of my conceptual mass. Too much to ask? What gives?

    Corner image attached showing curved conceptual mass and straight panel. 'Very quick' panel family (that does not curve) also attached. Does anyone have a fix or tutorial that I can be pointed toward?


    Running Revit 2012, FYI.NOT_curved.JPGTEST_basic_panel.rfa

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    Default Re: Curved Curtain Wall - One more post

    If the radius is consistent for all the corners then you can simply create a new curtain pane family with a fixed radius, include sweeps for the top and bottom mullions and be done with it. To simplify the family just set the height and width for the ref planes to match what is present in the project.
    The straight portions of wall can be assigned to a pre-defined system and the curved pieces will just be your custom curtain panel. You'll need to experiment a bit with panel offsets and other aspects to make it clean up correctly but it won't need to be parameteric.

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    Default Re: Curved Curtain Wall - One more post

    I would just use a wall with sweeps. I think the easiest thing to do is to make your corners using a wall that is defined as 1" thick glass material. Then make wall sweeps using your rectangular mullion profiles and align the sweeps with the CW mullions of the adjacent CW. I don;t see a need to make any fancy panels. It would not give you curved mullions to go with your curved panels anyway.

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    Default Re: Curved Curtain Wall - One more post

    Well, thanks to you both...

    I ended up going with a variable radius panel as noted by Dimitri. It works like a charm.

    I have a few atypical conditions where I may need to sweep mullions... I'll look at that later this week.

    Thanks guys.


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