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    Hi all, just going through the annual update cycle and am looking at our RS environment. Is anyone aware if the 2013 RS application is compatible with 2012 and 2011, I saw some slides the other day that seemed to suggest it didn’t?

    Any ideas?


    Nick B

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    Revit Server 2013 is not backwards compatible with previous versions, I suspect this is due the changes they had to make to allow it do what it does now in terms of multiple servers in a mesh, and not a single hub. That said, 2013 and 2012 are compatible in terms of Side By Side installs. So you can run both versions on the same hardware. Since the software has a small footprint and is multi-threaded there should not be a resource issue as resource usage is determined by overall load or scope of projects and users and not how many versions of software you're running. IE, if you need to have 10 projects with 10 users each, regardless of one version of software or two, you still need the same size server to support that load, running two versions is not likely to have a major impact on the server resources that are required to support your usage load.


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    Robert, when worksharing a project via Revit Server 2013 with remote offices, do you suggest splitting the models by disciplines? Is there a file size criteria before we have to contemplate splitting the models.

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