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    Trying to create a section of metal stud wall in RS 2012.
    Load some structural framing componets but having a difficult time manipulating them, i.e. turning the bottom channel upside down to use as a top channel. Have disconnected from the ref. plane and use every tool
    in a futile attempt to turn the channel upside down.

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    You should be able to set the "cross sectional rotation" unless that's one of the families that adesk screwed up. I can't remember. I know we had to modify a bunch of their families to work correctly. Some we just had to add additional types for LLV vs LLH.
    Anyway, adjust the cross-sectional rotation to 90, go to a section view and use the align tool to set the elevation since you want the top of the channel and not the centroid.
    Hope this helps.
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