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Thread: Customizing Revit Schedules

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    Default Customizing Revit Schedules

    I am looking for a way to change the schedule graphics in Revit listing the category in columns instead of rows. For Instance, we have a standard on how we have graphically done schedules for many years in AutoCAD. Now that we are doing more and more jobs in REVIT we would like to use the same standard we have been using in AutoCAD. In past Revit jobs we have just created the schedule in model space of AutoCAD and link that file into a drafting view in Revit. This has been nice for us as we have been transitioning into Revit, but now we are more knowledgeable with Revit. We would like to use BIM for more of its intentions by scheduling equipment, air terminals, etc.. in REVIT. Customizing the way Revit arranges each category into columns as opposed to rows which is the way it is now, has not been figured out. I have tried to rotating the orientation and adjusting the heading orientation to vertical but that still doesn’t rotate the schedule text. Attached is an example of our Air Terminal schedule viewed in Revit and then our standard way of viewing a schedule. Our goal would be to make the REVIT schedule match our standard.

    (I tried to attached the image but it will not upload, any tips on that)

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    I may be wrong, but I don't believe this can be done yet in REVIT. Unfortunatly when adapting to REVIT old standards may need to be reevaluated and adjusted to fit the program. REVIT is not AutoCAD, and (sometimes) unfortuantly you must conform (or continue scheduling in ACAD).


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