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Thread: iLogic Drilling down

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    Cool iLogic Drilling down

    I want to get this code to run in an assembly and drill down to the parts and measure them and fill our each parts custom properties. I can do the code easy for the property's in the parts, but I can not remember how to get it to drill down from assemblies. I tried to do this and I do not think it is correct? Any takers out their good with iLogic? I am slammed and do not have time to remember how to do this...


    iProperties.Value(compo, "Custom", "THICKNESS")=compoMeasure.ExtentsHeight

    iProperties.Value(compo, "Custom", "WIDTH")=compoMeasure.ExtentsWidth

    iProperties.Value(compo, "Custom", "LENGTH")=compoMeasure.ExtentsLength


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    Default Re: iLogic Drilling down

    I wish I understood more of what you are coding. It looks like something I'd be interested in learning more about. I go about it another way that's probably the long way around. I'm not sure if you are trying to link something between the iprop and BOM like I am. I just learned how to get into the functions area and set parameters to length. Then set my custom iproperties to Length and leave the value blank and it should auto fill it in. Then in the BOM it should carry over to the Length column. This probably doesn't help you, but it may open things up for further discussion.

    Does anyone have some good help file links?

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