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Thread: Help with Tables, Excell and Fields.

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    Default Help with Tables, Excell and Fields.


    I have a large site as a CAD file that i need to take a great deal of areas off. These areas need to be presented in a table and the table linked with excell so i can use the figures for all sorts. Fortunately the areas I am interested in are all made up of hatches so finding out the value for each area is relatively easy using fields.

    What i would like to know is, Is it possible to set up at table in Autocad, which displays areas as meters squared that are linked to the hatched sections of the drawing? can this table then be linked with excell so If i enter info into the cad table it will also be added to the excell file?

    I am sure it can be done, just would like to know the best way of going about it? for example, do i create the table first in excell or cad? dont really know where to start.


    (autocad LT 2012)



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    Default Re: Help with Tables, Excell and Fields.

    Is data extraction and data links available in LT?
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    Default Re: Help with Tables, Excell and Fields.

    Yes it is available. I want to know if i can link my table BACK to excell. Rather then creating a table in excell and bringing it into autocad?


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