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Thread: Revit Rendering (geometry edges)

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    Question Revit Rendering (geometry edges)

    How do you go about dealing with geometry edges when rendering an interior scene?
    For instance, you build a casework model, but all the edges are normally sharp 90 degrees (unless you fillet them),
    which does not usually generate a realistic result, as there's no such thing like perfect 90 degree corner edges in real life.
    In Mental Ray, I believe there is a command called "Rounding Corners", or in VRay, there is a similar command such as "VRayEdges Tex",
    to simulate real world conditions for geometry edges.
    I was wondering how you normally deal with it in Revit.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Revit Rendering (geometry edges)

    very interesting question. But the question is what are you trying to render and, if you are that close to tell, maybe you can FBX the scene to 3dsmax. As far as I know, where isn't a magical material in Revit for that.

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