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Thread: Autolisp Code To Print Multiple Paperspace layout

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    Default Autolisp Code To Print Multiple Paperspace layout

    I need autolisp code that allows me to print multiple(entire) paperspace layout of a drawing at one time rather using the shift/ctrl option and print. I would appreciate if someone help me with the code.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Autolisp Code To Print Multiple Paperspace layout

    Have you tried looking at the Publish command? If so, what about it does not work for you?

    You could use the (layoutlist) function to get a list of layouts. From there, you could use a foreach loop and print them out using a command sequence. To find out the correct key strokes for the command line version of plot, prefix the plot command with a hyphen (i.e.: -plot).
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    Default Re: Autolisp Code To Print Multiple Paperspace layout

    No lisp needed, just use Publish, or better yet publish from Sheet Set Manager, which does it with even fewer clicks.

    If you must use lisp for some reason, Opie has it covered.
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