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Thread: Revision Cloud

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    Default Revision Cloud

    This question may have already been asked somewhere in this forum. Is there a way to draw a revision cloud without having to continuously draw the two arcs and keep connecting? AutoCAD is set up to either hold click and drag or convert polygon to cloud which requires significantly less time. Please advise if anyone knows.

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    No, This has been a complaint/wishlist for a while.

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    This doesn't really address your question, but here's something I just discovered last week:

    Did you know you can use the Split tool on a Revision Cloud?
    If, after you've drawn your Cloud, you don't like where the arcs are, or if the Arcs are too big, you can use the Split tool to break a large Arc into two smaller ones.
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    Great tip! You do have to be in sketch mode for the revision cloud, but the Split tool does work.
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