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Thread: Replacing installed metric content with imperial content

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    Default Replacing installed metric content with imperial content

    It seems that, if you enter your country as Canada in the drop-down box on the EULA page when installing Revit 2013, Autodesk assumes you must be working in metric units and installs the metric content cab. Like many (most??) Revit users in Canada I work in imperial units. How do I replace the metric content with imperial content?


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    I'm sure you already figured this out, but for anyone else searching for an answer, here it is...for now! It appears they don't have this content available for Revit 2013 yet, but this is from Revit 2011 and it works just fine.
    Here are the links that just saved the day for me:

    You can read this whole article, and then at the bottom there is a link for the video of how to extract to Revit, but 2013 is slightly different and way easier. It helps a little though if you are really lost.
    There is a link at the top of the article that takes you to where you can download the Imperial Templates and Library files from: The two files you're looking for are for the Imperial Families and for the Imperial Templates. You can save these files to your desktop and then extract them like .zip files.

    Simply download those two downloads to your desktop, obtain a program that unzips files for you (I got Winrar 64 bit, its 100% free) and right click on the newly downloaded files on your desktop. Choose the 'Extract NAImperial.rte\' (it will quickly unzip the files, you'll see all kinds of components and such popping by) then do the same for the other. Should be 'Extract to NAImperial\Templ\' (that one goes quickly)

    NEXT go into revit, click new, go to your desktop and locate the newly extracted NAImperialTemplate.rte folder, open it, choose Construction-Default and there ya go. The message will say 'THIS IS A ONE TIME UPGRADE PROCESS ONLY blah blah' and this happens everytime so its slightly annoying, but its no big deal. Until 2013 has it's own imperial option like this, you'll always get that.
    Once in, you'll see IMPERIAL YAY! and you can load imperial families in by going to load family in Revit and finding the unzipped NAImperial.rte folder on your desktop and find furniture, windows etc as you would normally.

    You can organize your new templates into the Revit program files if you want, I haven't though bc I know where they are on my desktop for when I need them. Hope this helps, sorry if its confusing! Post questions if you have them. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Replacing installed metric content with imperial content

    orrr you can just uninstall and reinstall Revit and select USA at the very beginning. That solves everything pretty easily. But I need the option of both, so if you're like me, then the long version is the way to go!

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    Default Re: Replacing installed metric content with imperial content

    Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling, use the "Programs" feature of the operating system, to change or modify an existing installation, insert the dvd or memory stick, and simply add more libraries.

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