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Thread: importing CAD.. am I crazy

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    Default importing CAD.. am I crazy

    I am currently planning on importing, well actually linking a few dozen cad detail files into my revit model. Is this crazy to do?
    We have just started in Revit and don't have much time left for CD's. We do have a ton of applicable details already drawn in Autocad that we can link. Also any unique details would also be quicker for us to develop in Autocad. Are we crazy for thinking we can just link all these files? is there anything we should know before we start linking and locating on sheets?
    We want to take advantage of the coordination that revit lends itself to IE. callouts from the revit elevations to the linked cad details.

    Please let em know if I am heading down a extremely dangerous path, and if you have any other suggestions. I am hesitant to start the process without knowing how logical it is....


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    Default Re: importing CAD.. am I crazy

    We (at work) created a drawing template, with our standard Acad details saved as details, ready to drag N drop on any new sheet.

    We havn't "Linked" to the details though, as I understand that if the network drops out it can cause havoc to the Revit file.

    If the details need updating, we save it to an updated template, and use the Transfer project views between a blank template and a old file that needs updating.
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    Default Re: importing CAD.. am I crazy

    Linking is a better option than inserting, but I'm guessing you'll still run into the same old issues that have been around for a while. Hatch, text, leaders, dims....all come in looking very bad. The better solution I've heard if you really want to do this would be to create a .jpg of your cad detail and insert that into a drafting view.
    The way I've done this in the past with a "Hybrid" project was to keep cad in cad and revit in revit. ie export your title block to cad and use it to create cad drawings. Create dummy sheets and dummy details in revit so you can still use the referencing.
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    Default Re: importing CAD.. am I crazy

    Wouldn't say it's dangerous, I've been doing this type of "hybrid" thing for the last few REVIT projects I've worked on.

    When needed, I link in AutoCAD sections and details, create detail views and place them on sheets in REVIT, and use "Reference another view" when placing a section cut for typical details and sections.

    I've found many REVIT users do this for the same reasons, lots of AutoCAD details already drawn, so why not use them.
    I do use sections from the model for the most part, I'm talking typical or standard details.
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    Default Re: importing CAD.. am I crazy

    I've been going the hybrid route as well. Electrical plans seem to be my biggest issue. I export revit floorplans to CAD and draft my electricals. Delete the revit floor and import / link the electrical cad file to a new floor plan and select "in this view only". Works great! Also set up sheets for all my standard CAD details and notes. Set the cad file to "foreground". Easy!

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