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Thread: Changing Type Properties for Grouped Elements

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    Question Changing Type Properties for Grouped Elements

    Hi, is there anyway to change the type and instance properties for a grouped element; particularly a door? Right now, we have scheduled doors and have grouped them because the group is replicated elsewhere in the project and the easiest way we have found to maintain this is through the use of groups. However, if we want to change some of the type properties (for example the fire rating) for a door in said group we get the error that this can not be done to elements that are grouped. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Changing Type Properties for Grouped Elements

    I was able to tab-select a Door within a Group and then use the Edit Type button on the Properties palette to edit the Door type and change Type parameter values. Are you not able to do this?

    As for Instance parameter values, are you looking to change that property of the Door for all instances of that group? If so, you should be able to edit the Group, and while in edit mode, select the Door and change its Instance parameter values.
    David Koch

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