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Thread: ExportToAutocad: Stop Prompts to Overwrite File?!

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    Default ExportToAutocad: Stop Prompts to Overwrite File?!

    I'm am attempting to export models from Plant 3D using ExportToAutoCAD. However, I don't want to be prompted as to whether I want to overwrite, I just want it to save these files out, whether the file exists or not.

    My lisp skills are sorely lacking but I thought I might try this statement, but my syntax is incorrect:

    ((if(findfile DWGN2))(command "-EXPORTTOAUTOCAD" "2010" DWGN2 "y")(command "-EXPORTTOAUTOCAD" "2010" DWGN2))

    What is the correct way to write this?

    There is probably much better way to accomplish this task so any help would be much appreciated!

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    Default Re: ExportToAutocad: Stop Prompts to Overwrite File?!

    You could issue the command, then check if a command is still active. E.g. (untested):
    (command "EXPORTTOAUTOCAD" "2010" DWGN2)
    (while (> (getvar 'CmdActive) 0) (command "YES"))
    Alternatively you could check if the file already exists, then use vl-file-delete to delete it before exporting.

    BTW, your code has some extra parenthesis: e.g.
    ((if(findfile DWGN2)) ...
    Thus the if statement returns a T and that is then interpreted as a function to be called. The T is not a function and would produce an error.
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