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Thread: Autocad 2013 Steel shapes lisp - CISC

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    Default Autocad 2013 Steel shapes lisp - CISC

    I used to use Steel Plus but now after I installed 2013 it doesn't work, dialog box flashes on screen and I have to hard close program to exit.

    I looked around on google and can't find a new lisp routine that has CISC (Canadian) steel shapes.

    Anyone know of any that have those shapes and are somewhat current (+2010??)


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    Default Re: Autocad 2013 Steel shapes lisp - CISC

    you may just have to wait for Steel Plus to come out with an update that is compatible with 2013. Many 3rd party developers dont come out with their upgraded versions until a while after the new AutoCAD ships. I think last year it took Carlson about 6 months. I have no idea how long it will take this year. Glad I dont have to deal with it though.
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