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Thread: "Accessing File" Dialog

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    Default "Accessing File" Dialog

    Hi ALL,

    I've received this dialog box innumerable times when worksharing. I usually wait about 15 seconds, and then Revit lets me proceed with what I was doing.

    When Synchronizing.jpg

    But this morning, the very first time I tried to synchronize, the message popped up and didn't go away until I cancelled out of it. Meanwhile, my boss was still able to access his local file and work in it. I had him close out of Revit completely, and I tried again.

    After trying to synchronize a bunch of times to no avail, I decided to abandon my file and create a new local. But when I attempted to open the central file, I got the same message! This time, it appeared in the "Recent Files" screen -- the one you see when you first start Revit. I've never seen that before.

    Once I got in, I compacted the central file and things ran smoothly for a while. But just now, we both ran into the same problem again!

    It's just my boss and I working on the file, and we are basically in the same room.

    Does anyone have experience with this issue?
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    Default Re: "Accessing File" Dialog

    I'm going to guess that this isn't the issue, but depending on what kind of network speed you have and what type of server set-up, Revit's been know to run into issues with latency. If things don't go at revit's speed, it chokes and can corrupt a file. I'm not thinking this is the case, but it's a possibility.
    Did your boss maybe try to move the file or copy it while it was being saved?
    Are you running anything like a R-sync program to duplicate the file out to an FTP site or out to revit server?
    I'm not sure what's causing it, but I'd either try to re-create new locals on both yours and your bosses workstation and see if that works, or I might try to take my local file and open it detached and save it as the new central. I'm thinking you're getting some kind of disconnect between the local and central files.
    Just some thoughts.
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    Default Re: "Accessing File" Dialog

    Anymore advice on this? Currently experiencing this problem. I should point out that we just installed a new server system over the weekend and the IT people are currently working on it. I know, I know....that's probably the problem, but long before we updated to a new server I would experience this issue but 5 seconds at a time. This window has been up on my screen for 10 minutes at a time or longer. I have a 1gb/s direct line to the server...through our switch of course.

    I've also taken the worksharing update toggle all the way down from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. Revit\Option\Worksharing

    UPDATE: Problem solved. Computers had windows xp and windows 7 trying to connect to a Windows Server 2008 R2 where XP users were still on SMB1 vs. version SMB2. In the registry file for the server we allowed SMB1 as the default by changing a 1 value to a 0 value. See link or see below:

    This issue occurs only when the clients had a different OS version. We could not recreate the file access issue if the clients were both W7, or both XP for example.

    The reason being: Windows 7 client communicates with the server using SMB2, while the Windows XP client uses SMB. This difference in version may cause some file handling issues.

    To resolve this issue disable SMB2 from Server and Win 7 users.

    To disable SMB 2.0 for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 systems that are the “client” systems, run the following commands:

    sc config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/nsi

    sc config mrxsmb20 start= disabled

    Note there's an extra " " (space) after the "=" sign.

    To enable back SMB 2.0 for Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 systems that are the “client” systems, run the following commands:

    sc config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi

    sc config mrxsmb20 start= auto

    Again, there's an extra " " (space) after the "=" sign.

    In order to disable SMB 2.0 on the server-side computer, follow these steps:

    This document contains instructions for editing the registry. If you make any error while editing the registry, you can potentially cause Windows to fail or be unable to boot, requiring you to reinstall Windows. Edit the registry at your own risk. Always back up the registry before making any changes. If you do not feel comfortable editing the registry, do not attempt these instructions. Instead, seek the help of a trained computer specialist.
    •Run "regedit" on Windows Server 2008 based computer.
    •Expand and locate the sub tree as follows.

    •Add a new REG_DWORD key with the name of "Smb2" (without quotation mark)

    Value name: Smb2
    Value type: REG_DWORD
    0 = disabled
    1 = enabled
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