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    Hi I have created a camera animation scene and added keys from viewport snapshots. But i have having problems accessing and editing these in the animator tab / viewport at the bottom of screen. It is often unresponsive. Cant scrub/progress time line from within the animator window. I need to set keys to be able to view at particular progressions within my timeliner animation. I can still save views and run an animation based on my saved views but need to control the timing which is why i need access to the animator window.
    Anybody got any ideas why this might be. The rest of the program is working fine. Just issues with the animator window.

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    In 2014 i encountered something similar. When switching between the animator/timeliner windeows, the animator window would "crash". I could not use the animator window. Found out after much pain that if I closed the other windows (timeliner, presenter) the animator would become active again. Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

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