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Thread: Countertop family not working right in upgraded file

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    Default Countertop family not working right in upgraded file

    I edited the U-shaped Countertop family a few months back so that the instance grip arrows show up at each end of the countertop instead of in the middle. I did this by placing the instance parameter dimensions on the end of the actual geometry instead of to ref planes. When I load this into a new, blank project, it works fine. However when I load it into a current project that was upgraded from a 2005 project (new phase), the grips at the ends of the countertop don't show up.

    Any ideas why this might happen?
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    Default Re: Countertop family not working right in upgraded file

    I'd make it a rule to never dimension directly to geometry. This can lead to issues with parametrics. You've probably lost those grips because you don't have any weak or strong references and so it doesn't display the grips for them. Steve Stafford wrote a good post about how to move those grips to the center of the geometry by utilizing Reference Lines instead of Reference Planes. Check it out:
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