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Thread: Roof object enhancements

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    Default Roof object enhancements

    I really need more and easier to use roof object tools similar to what VisionRez has done.

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    Default Re: Roof object enhancements

    Improvements to the Roof object have been requested for quite some time. Roof Slabs were a partial answer, but add some degree of complication, particularly when there are major changes made at a later time. If you have not done so already, you may want to take a look at Nathan Ellery's blog. He has taken the Roof object places that even the programmers did not know about.
    David Koch

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    Default Re: Roof object enhancements

    Thanks David. On just the roof object I have a list of things I would like to see.

    Switch back on the Dormer functions
    Update the object to
    be able to add vertices, change line to arc (as per aecSpace object)
    Add accessible properties for (for PSD)
    Length (Perimeter) along Roof Line and Eave line.
    Area on flat.
    Area (true) on slope.
    Length of any gabled portion (90d slope edges)
    Length of hips (sloping) and ridges (flat).
    Ability to add holes (without resorting to MassElementGroups)
    Sub-Roof idea sounds good for meshing 2 seperate roofs together, as in a dormer roof or turret.
    Edge styles - gutter/fascia/eave, gable end, infil,
    Auto gable functions
    Add ability to autoframe.

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