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Thread: Starting from Scratch - block library

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    Default Starting from Scratch - block library

    Moved to new job last week, and after 2 weeks of hand drafting I finally convinced them to upload the trial version of AutoCAD for Mac. Working for the owner instead of the design consultant takes a little time to convince them of the benefits of purchasing CAD, but I think I can show them a great deal of time savings in that time to where they'll agree to purchase the program for me.
    But I need some help...where's a good place, starting from scratch, to build a block library quickly. The faster I can build it, the sooner I can put it to use on the drawings. This is a restaurant owner, building new locations and trying to build a database of their current locations.
    Any help in creating this library would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Starting from Scratch - block library

    I'd start by scanning the block types in the dynamic block forum...

    There are a ton of blocks in there.

    After that, I'd click the Search button up in the dark blue titlebar and put in 'autocad blocks' as there are users posting links to other sites.

    Then, check out the links in the AutoCAD Community:

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