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Thread: adding thickness to mass

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    Default adding thickness to mass

    I have created this in place mass and I want to add a thickness to it and can't seem to get it. I have read that people recommend you save it to model face, roof and then change the thickness. My model will not create a roof. I cant figure out what is wrong.

    I have attached the mass I have created but I hid all of my building components. I really don't want to re create this form as a family.
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    Default Re: adding thickness to mass

    Either a model in place or family, you don't need to create the thickness. You can convert faces to walls. If Revit complains about not being able to make a wall out of a certain surface, you can try subdividing the form, and try again. By looking at the image, there seems to be lot of self intersecting geometry that might not work in one single piece. Consider making smaller pieces that can be interpreted in a better way by the Wall by Face tool, or simplifying the design.

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