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Thread: display misstake after field redefining

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    Default display misstake after field redefining

    I have a dwg with objects in model space. I have made viewport in paperspace. Switching between ps and ms works ok.
    Problem starts, when i inserted certain block with multiline attribute to ps. There is the field in attribute, what display viewport scale. As i used this block from another dwg, i had to redefine field by reselecting proper viewport. but than, after Switching to ms and back to ps strange display appears. Viewport frame looks thick, there is another frame inside and there are multiple faded objects, looking same as existing objects, but not same scale. When i use pan, one object stays in position with no scale changing, another changes. In ms and ps too. I tried new proces in new dwg, but problem is the same. Help please.

    I checked many combinations and problem occures, when i use Display Value for Block Reference in field definition. attached pictures shows my screen. (before switching to MS, after switching to PS and back to MS, and after switching to MS, back to PS and back to MS)Before-to-MS.jpgAfter-to-MS-PS.jpgAfter-to-MS-PS-MS.jpg
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