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Thread: Find Items Dialog too sensitive

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    Default Find Items Dialog too sensitive

    Summary: When building a Find Item search, there are many aggravations to using the dialog box. These are in no particular order:
    sensitivity, wait time for searching, no function to re-order statements

    Description: The sensitivity is the biggest issue to me. If you touch the wrong part of any statement, things are deleted and you have to build it all over again.

    Every new selection of a different category performs a search for the items list for the final feature selection. This can be a long time with some types of models.

    There is no function to re-order the statements. Since the order of how the statements are processed will effect the outcome, there needs to be a function to allow statements to be moved up, down, or deleted from the group.

    All of these improvement would allow better use of the dialog since you could pick a prior search set with statements that are close to what you need and modify it, then save that to a new search set.

    Navisworks is geared toward efficiency so the Find Items function needs to work more efficiently.

    Product and Feature: Navisworks Manage - Find Items

    Submitted By: Joe Perkins on Wed, 30 May 2012

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    Default Re: Find Items Dialog too sensitive

    I would *love* to see this dialog re-built. It's very twitchy. Even a simple expression builder like in SQL statement builder tools would work better.
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    Default Re: Find Items Dialog too sensitive

    I think Obama would agree to this one. I certainly do.
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    Default Re: Find Items Dialog too sensitive

    hear hear. a SQL builder is a proven method for expressions. This is find box is like a half baked cousin. Once you get past the touchy nature of it, the function does work, but it is very tricky. The statements only work in a certain order and there little help for formulate them. Much of it will blank out if touched wrong. I guess the rearrangement buttons at the bottom right could help orient the statements, but you have to move so slowly and deliberately so it doesn't just drop half of what you have built.
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