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Thread: Tag the elevation

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    Default Tag the elevation

    Summary: Several items have the ability to tag part of it elevation, you can tag the invert elevation of a pipe, as long as you want the elevation of the closest edge. You can tag the bottom of a struct foundation but you cannot tag the top. Give us access to all the elevation possibilities.

    Description: So you have a foundation tag that will tell you the bottom elevation of the foundation and you can tag the thickness of the foundation, but not create a parameter to create the top of the elevation. That has to be done with the spot elevation tag. Pipes and ducts have similar issues.

    Tags can read and display part of the information.
    Parameters can be added but cannot be used in formulas to get the true desired display in the tag. I want to be SURE that the tops of all foundation are at the correct height and I want a symbol that goes along with it.

    Just allow access to the spot elevation information to calculate other desired elevations.

    Add same for pipes and ducts.

    Product and Feature: Revit Structure - Annotation Tools

    Submitted By: Steve Saltsman on Mon, 18 Jun 2012

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    Default Re: Tag the elevation

    Resolved in Revit 2015, I believe.

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