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Thread: Dynamic blocks in Multileaders

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    Default Dynamic blocks in Multileaders

    Summary: Allow the use of Dynamic blocks in multileader styles

    Description: Currently you have to create a seperate Multileader style for every variety of a block you want attached to the mleader. I would like to be able to choose to add a dynamic block to the mleader style instead of a normal block, thereby reducing the number of multileader styles. And the visibility state of a dynamic block within a multileader style must be able to be changed via lisp.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD - Other

    Submitted By: Jason Herringe on 08/05/2012

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    Default Re: Dynamic blocks in Multileaders

    Have you noted how the block loses it's identity when you do this? It would be twice as nice if the block also did not lose it's identity or ability to extract data for tables.

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