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Thread: Edit Color Scheme on Volume Surface

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    Default Edit Color Scheme on Volume Surface


    In the following tutorial video for Civil 3D 2013 they show how to do a basic cut fill map.

    I would like to change the colors, I know they can be changed one by one, picking new colors, however I am not artistic and the ones I pick do not blend well light to dark.

    In the example 1ft of cut is Dark Red and 6ft of cut is light red & 1ft of fill is light green & 4ft of fill is dark green
    I would like to reverse the red colors so 1ft of cut is light red and 6ft of cut is dark red. This makes much more sense to me.

    I would actualy prefer and red/blue cut/fill map, but I would be more than happy with red and green if I could get the colors to shade correctly.

    Is there a way to get the "Color Scheme" to fill in these colors?



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    Default Re: Edit Color Scheme on Volume Surface

    I've gotten a bit better at picking colors when needed, so I'm not sure if this works because its been a while, but if you go to Toolspace > Settings > Surface > Surface Styles > (your surface style, such as 'elevation banding 2d') > Analysis Tab > Elevation dropdown > Change Range Color Scheme to rainbow. You may need to in the Surface Properties > Analysis tab : select to use the range color scheme.
    Have fun with colors!

    Civil 3D 2012 | Windows 7 64bit

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