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Thread: bluebeam revu cad version

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    Default bluebeam revu cad version

    Does anyone use this plug-in for Revit? I am trying to create a 3d pdf using the bluebeam revu cad edition. I have been able to create the pdf and can move it around, zoom in and out and select objects just fine. The graphics are really good up close also. I can even select a background color. what I don't like is that my colors from my revit project dont come into the pdf. My pdf is all grey and shades of grey. I have looked at the settings and it is saying its set up for colors. I dont know whats going on. Is there anybody else that uses this that can help me figure this one out?

    Any help is appreciated
    Thank you very much.
    "What's up doc?"

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    I am having the same issue, have you been able to resolve this?

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    I don't have an answer, but the bluebeam tech staff has usually been pretty responsive to my questions. Generally within 24hrs.

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