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Thread: Advice on working with 2D floor plans

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    Default Advice on working with 2D floor plans

    Hi all, i have been reading this forum for a long time now. But this is the 1st time i am listing my problem here. I am a new user of AutoCAD MEP 2012. Everywhere i seek for some tutorial i find that they start from a floor plan that was drawn in MEP standard. I mean they were already assigned spaces and other properties. But the problem is, in my country most of the architects use only AutoCAD. So whenever i get any floor plan from my client, it is a plain autocad 2D model. Now my question is, how can i work with this 2D floor plan in autocad MEP 2012. Is there any way that i can generate new spaces in theat 2s drawing or convert them.I'm in a great fix. Any helpful information would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Advice on working with 2D floor plans

    I live in the States and we work with Autocad 2D backgrounds all the time - I haven't met an Architect yet that is doing 3D in Autocad. The problem is (as far as I know) you won't be able to use spaces like the tutorials do without re-creating the background using the walls/windows/doors/roof, etc. tools. We don't go through all that trouble - it's too much work and we don't usually have the budget - we just work on top of the 2-D plan so to speak - so that the only thing we care about is the plan view representation of the drawing. It's not true 3-D (most of our stuff is but not the Architects) but it's good enough for us.

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