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    Default Top Rails Revit 2013

    Is there a problem with the new feature in revit 2013 using the top rails as handrails?

    if i model a top rail with 36" aff and 1 1/2" dia and use say floor extension 12" long, it models it but won't show in plan. if i hover over where it should be it then hightlights. if i change the top rail to a regular hand rail then it shows up. what am i missing with this new feature?

    this may help...

    top rail feature and highlights while editing

    now it doesn't show

    if i hover over it with the mouse it shows and selects

    shown in section it is there

    why won't is show in plan?
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    Default Re: Top Rails Revit 2013

    It might have to do with your view range. Not sure, but maybe try messing with that.

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    Default Re: Top Rails Revit 2013

    i have tried that. if i change the top rail to the way handrails and guardrails were modeled in 2012 and earlier, then it shows up. i was really excited about this feature becuase it has handrail wall extensions returns, floor returns and the P return built into it but you have to use it with a top rail function which i can't get to seem to display....

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    Default Re: Top Rails Revit 2013

    Try using a Plan Region, and set the View Range differently than the rest of the Floor Plan View and see it it will display. If it displays in elevation/section/3D, then it is a visibility issue in the Plan.
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    Default Re: Top Rails Revit 2013

    so i figured it out by accident. they are not visible in a coarse view setting, only medium and fine. this has been driving me nuts. regualr rails do not do that!

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