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Thread: Scaling problem in ASD

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    Default Scaling problem in ASD

    Hi Guys can someone help me

    I have a problem when Generating a Drawing this means when I am going to Select Template I have only limited choice shown below

    General arrangement - front view 1:50

    General arrangement - side view 1:50

    General arrangement - top view 1:50

    Group 1:20

    Group arbitrary isometry 1:50

    Group isometry NE 1:50

    Group isometry NW 1:50

    Group isometry SE 1:50

    Group isometry SW 1:50


    My question is how to add another scaling options for example 1:10; 1:5 etc..

    My another question is:

    I have a problem when exporting an ACIS file from ASD and when I open the file with Inventor Fusion the structural model becomes 10 times larger this means a length of 1000 mm becomes 10000 mm. How to solve this. Thanks

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    Default Re: Scaling problem in ASD


    Here is a video I've made to show how to make another template.
    Sorry about the lines on the screen (I don't know why they appeared).

    And another one:

    About your second question:

    I think there might be something wrong with the exporting units. Trial and error...


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