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Thread: molding nonlinear shape inside revit wall

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    Question molding nonlinear shape inside revit wall

    helo, i have created an irrigular curvature shape in a middel of a wall using edit profile command (irrigular hollow shape in the wall) but i am struggeling to mold the edge of this hole using any of profile family, despit the fact this family profile work on horizontal wall edge, it is exactly as if you creat an errigular opening inside a wall and you want to mold the edge of this opening - if any possibility to do so,can anybody please give advice

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    Default Re: molding nonlinear shape inside revit wall

    Welcome to the forums.
    An image would help but are you getting an error about self intersecting geometry? Are the curves too tight for the profile to resolve?

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    Default Re: molding nonlinear shape inside revit wall

    Use a sweep that has a profile without any (or too many) curves. Its helpful to avoid anything less than 1/32" (0.45mm) as Revit will become confused by that dimension type.
    Screenshots are helpful if you have any to post that help explain what you are doing.
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