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Thread: Autodesks ACA 2013 and windows 8

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    Exclamation Autodesks ACA 2013 and windows 8

    we are thinking of upgrading from windows 7 to 8. anyone have any issues with Autodesk's ACA being compatible with Windows 8?


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    Default Re: Autodesks ACA 2013 and windows 8

    OS upgrades are one of those critical things which gets done after months, if not years, of planning and testing. Personally, I wouldn't try to run mission-critical software that was released prior to the OS. Not only is it not guaranteed to run properly, there will be no (or next to none) technical support from the software vendor; *and* there are always a few potholes in a new OS. Let the early adopters find the problems, work out the new/updated work procedures. That doesn't even get into all the other software which would need to be tested as well.

    In short, is there a pressing, immediate need to migrate your OS?
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    Default Re: Autodesks ACA 2013 and windows 8

    I believe that at this time, Autodesk DOES NOT support Windows 8 on all of its products. See the link below (hopefully it isn't out of date). Be careful with this kind of update. My IT guy recommends waiting until at least one service pack comes out.

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