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Thread: Xref wont bind

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    Cool Xref wont bind

    I can not get our title block to bind in our drawing sheets. I get an error that says "the xref failed to bind for some unknown reason". There is a yellow symbol next to the check mark in the status column in the xref manager. When you hover the cursor over it the message says recent change. Reloading the xref does not resolve this. Anyone have a clue why this is happening?
    Ted Evans
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    RadioShack Corp.

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    Default Re: Xref wont bind

    Have you tried running the Audit Command.
    You may have some errors.
    Also try purging both drawings, and check for circular references. ie make sure all attachments are overlay.
    Are you trying to do a bind as a "bind" or bind as an "insert"
    If you have the same block name in both drawings, bind as an insert may cause issues as well.

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    Default Re: Xref wont bind

    Could it be a circular reference? Is the file name of the XREF youre inserting the same name as the drawing its being inserted into. that would cause it not to bind.
    Jason Goodwin
    Using ACA 2012

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    Default Re: Xref wont bind

    I have just had this same issue and after a lot of head scratching I managed to establish that the XREF had an error of some minuscule proportion but whatever it was, it prevented me from binding the drawing.
    To overcome the issue I Purged the XREF and then preformed an Audit on said XREF. I then opened the drawing containing the XREF and it reloaded as normal and allowed me to bind it.
    Hope this helps.

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