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    Summary: Revit needs a more robust text editor

    Description: Revit needs a more robust text editor, similar to what Auto cad has now
    This is needs for General notes, Legends, etc.
    Currently our Office standard is to create notes in Autocad and link them into Revit because of Revit's Text editor limitations (i.e. indenting, numbering and/or Bullet points, etc...)

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

    Submitted By: John Blasquez on 11/13/2012

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    Cool Re: Text Editor

    We use keyed schedules for our notes. Simply start a quantity schedule, I prefer doors, and select schedule keys radio button on the right side of the dalouge box. You only need two parameters for number and text. We hide the headers and the grids. The rest can be picked up as you work with it.

    This has worked well for notes as it remains native to Revit, can go on any sheet and is instantly update-able.

    There are some minor drawbacks such that editing long lines of text can get cumbersome and any adjustment to the keyed schedule size on one sheet is propagated to all other instances of the notes. Both of these are quite minor and have not stopped us from using it as notes.

    That being said, I agree with the wish, it would be nice.
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    Revit needs to Fix it's text editor. the current alphabet soup & unstable text format behavior is unacceptable. this has been a Known issue for over 5 releases now.

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    Cool Re: Text Editor

    @ reckstein448180 that's a great solution... to a completely different problem

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    As bearsley138506 mentioned, the way Revit randomly resizes the text when editing a textbox at different zoom levels is frustrating for users and can produce inconsistent documentation results. Revit's text editing features are weak at best, comparable to Notepad circa Windows 95, it should be far more extensive by now. It ought to offer full formatting options, such as Case changing, Indents, Styles (like Office for consistent drafting standards), Shadow-masking, Colour-masking-right-to-borders, support for OpenType Postcript fonts, and enhanced Find and Replace (searching View names, wildcards and multiple-lines).

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    Agree with all of the above, I'd also like to have more options with leaders. Curved leaders with left aligned text are graphically very messy. Minor but frustrating.

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