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Thread: Wall Style for dashed poche

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    Default Wall Style for dashed poche

    So I'm fairly new to using wall styles in ACA 2013, and I can't seem to find a solution for a (lazy / quick) way to create a dashed poche for an aca wall.

    There are plenty of hatches that I could apply to a wall style, but from what I've read on the forums I don't see a way to mimic the effect of a polyline along the center line of the wall (with a width matching the wall thickness) that is also dashed. My employer is quite fond of this look, but I am less fond of drawing a wall, and then drawing a polyline in the same position as the wall.

    Any advice?

    I've attached an illustration of what I'm talking about...
    smartwall example.jpg

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    Default Re: Wall Style for dashed poche

    You can get close to what you want, provided that you have a hatch pattern defined that will generate the desired pattern, by setting the Orientation of the hatch component to "object", rather than "global". Corners may not look quite the way you want, and you will not get the automatic centering of the pattern, with start and stop segments, that you would get with a linetype, but you can get close. See attached sample files, which include a PAT file for the custom hatch pattern I used in the sample drawing file.

    The other option would be to place a zero-width component in your Wall Style and apply a linetype to that. You may be able to apply a lineweight to that component to get the equivalent of filling the space between the Walls when plotted. If you need to show your Walls at multiple scales, you may need multiple display settings, with a different lineweight for each scale.
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