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Thread: Creating non-mirrorable Revit Families

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    Default Creating non-mirrorable Revit Families

    Hi, I'm not sure if it's just my lack of terminology or the fact that searching for "mirror" or "mirrored" tends to give me families of mirror objects but my question is this:

    I have equipment families that I'm creating that should never be mirrored. This is the way they are manufactured, and they cannot created one with an access panel opening on the other side.

    Do I use the single controls, or is there another way of ensuring the family can never be mirrored when inserted into a drawing?

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    Default Re: Creating non-mirrorable Revit Families

    You can't keep someone from mirroring the family with the mirror command. I think you're going to have to educate the end user another way.

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    Default Re: Creating non-mirrorable Revit Families

    If you place Model Text in the family, when it gets mirrored it will be an indicator to the user that they shouldn't have mirrored it. I tell all my end users not to mirror most of the equipment we design around. Some listen some don't...

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    Default Re: Creating non-mirrorable Revit Families

    Heather - there is no way you can stop users from mirroring your families...but if it helps, you can download the AutoDesk Revit Model Review (free within your subscription centre) and set it up so it reports if a component has been mirrored - it will give you the ID of the object so you can find it and mirror it back
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