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Thread: Sloping Gutters

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    Question Sloping Gutters

    I know this problem has come up a little as I've done some extensive searching. Sadly I've failed to find an answer that is somewhat straight forward. It really doesn't seem like it should be an issue for a program with such power.

    Raw Roof.JPG

    gutter issue.JPG

    as you can see from the first picture "raw roof". This is what I'm trying to put the gutter on. The second picture shows the issue I'm having of the gutter not connecting correctly in the corner.

    command i have use to attach the gutter is as follows

    Roof > Roof : Fascia > gutter & fascia > then selected the roof's edge.

    Is there a simple work around or something simple that I'm missing? any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Sloping Gutters

    If I understand how you've created that, you're trying to combine a gutter profile to a fascia profile? I swapped out my default fascia profile for the same profile as the gutter and tried it, and it worked.

    I do have to ask, would you actually construct the roof/gutter like this? The water is going to just pour off this roof and straight out of the gutter, no?
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