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Thread: Draft stamp with issue date

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    Default Draft stamp with issue date

    What family type should I start with to create a date stamp which has an issue date which can be differe4nt on each drawing.

    My plan is to create a family with a shared parameter with a tag which reads 'issue date'.

    Can anybody advise me if this is the best way to go about it and also, my first question, which family template to begin with.


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    Default Re: Draft stamp with issue date

    you can edit your title block family and change project issue date to sheet issue date if sheets are issued at different dates.
    If you want to make date stamp family, I would start with the title block template. then to add stamp to existing sheet with other title in use.
    go to project browser and find stamp family in annotation symbols and right click and create instance to add to sheet.
    you could also add visiblity parameters to this family to turn on and off if needed.
    but if stamp visiblity is off, to turn back on. go to project browser and find stamp in annotation symbols and right click
    then pick select all instances in either view or project as needed.
    rather than dealing with two different title blocks, would be better to create stamp inside of your standard title block family.
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