Summary: Update the editing of aecSlabs & aecRoofslabs as per improvements in aecSpaces plus other improvements that would help their usefulness.

Description: aecSlabs
Update slabs editing as per aecSpaces.
Editing slabs in comparison to spaces shows slabs to be very old tech. In fact I will often use spaces in place because of the awkwardness of applying and editing slabs.
Should be able to add a vertice by clicking on centre tab.
Should be able to drag an edge passed another edge.
It seems a simple process to have the elevation at floor level and the offset to set ceiling height but this just doesn't work cleanly. Often offset seems meaningless and you must set elevation to get the correct height. (maybe I'm missing something).
Deleting a vertex often deletes the edge style to the 2 connecting edges. If all edges have a style attached, or at least the 2 adjoining edges, it should be assumed that the edge style is to remain assigned.
You can't drag a recess edge passed another point as you can with the Roof Object and aecSpaces. Instead you have to do it one point at a time. You can grab an edge in line with another edge and drag to create a new edge which is handy but not at the expense of the ease of use of an aecSpace.
When stretching slabs, it is unhelpful for pitch to change. Should be able to lock pitch.
Why does offset not 'offset' from elevation? Perhaps because I am not as familiar with slabs but I should be able to place a ceiling slab at the floor level and offset for ceiling height but this doesn't seem to work. Why does changing the offset change the elevation but not visa versa? What's the point of having an offset if it's the same as elevation?
I should be able to use any line rather than having to use a pLine to cut slab, and should also be able to simply pick two points.

AecRoofSlabs - that stretching changes the slope is very unhelpful and makes them useless for residential roofs. Often a client will alter a design by adding to a width of a room and that will screw the roofslab. RoofSlabs should be able to have their slope locked.
Be wonderful if they could cleanup together so that mitre relationships could be intelligent and self maintaining.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Architecture - Slabs

Submitted By: Nathan Ellery on 11/26/2012