Hi all,

In our project I'm trying to name the beams(frames) by using `Element Positioning` feature of revit extensions 2013. In the first floor there are 56 frames with respect to x-axis.

When I give them names (tag them) the order of the numbering somewhere get lost.

I want the numbering of the beams would start from the bottom left and grow to the upper right. The numbering starts from the bottom left with BM - 101 and keeps going BM - 102 BM - 103 and so on...

But at some point the auto-numbering skips the next beam and jumps to another one. And makes the numbering for that beam later on.

I think this might be because of the offsets of the beams. I want to ignore this.. Sens of Z axis.

Is there any way to get this auto-numbering to ignore it? Or there is a work around? Any thoughts opinions appreciated.


Screen Shots: