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    Hi, CAN any one tell me that why some time there is synchronizing problem coming with the central file.

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    There are many reasons that can cause synchronize with central to fail. Some are network or file access issues while others are related to changes that are creating conflict. Each message that appears attempts to offer clues. In the future include a screen capture or at least the text of a error message in your post so we have more information to try to help.

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    Hi Steve,

    We are experiencing some sync problems with our Revit Server 2012 lately. It won’t perform save to central. Our local Revit Server is connected to an external central server hosted by the architect’s office. The error message we received is: “Operation could not be completed . . .”, see attached figure. Enclosed is a Journal File when the incident occurred. Any idea what’s going on?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Given that your local Revit Server is connected to another firm's Central Server, I recommend that you verify the connectivity between offices/networks.

    1) ping the Central Server, if the latency is more than 200ms, then the process could be timing out...
    2) are you using a VPN? make sure the VPN is up, otherwise, re-set it.
    3) what is the network bandwidth? is the network saturated, e.g. video conferencing or YouTUBING? Revit Server needs a dedicated 1mbps to run effectively.

    If this issue is incidental, then I would verify the bandwidth and network latency.
    11am-3pm tends to be our peak period on network connection, since this is when both East and West Coasts are in full operation.


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