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Thread: Improve Railings

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    Default Improve Railings

    Add more flexibility.
    Be able to rename componants so that innovative use of object can be understood. ie. Using a railing as a masonry fence. Posts are piers, Handrail might be brick wall, Guardrail may be capping. Would need to be able to reset back and have access to original names for reading a help file.
    Improve the cryptic interface to make it more adaptable to other uses.

    ie. Post Locations tab. Fixed posts, "B-Extensions of all posts from floor level" a positive number here extends down which is counter intuitive. (This +- contradiction is throughout ACA on various objects and commands).
    It's not clear how the position or display of the guardrail and handrail affect the balusters within the interface.
    -Alter the offset of the guardrail from post can make balusters disappear!
    -Flip handrail to Guardrail position in height and behaviour of balusters changes? Make this clearer. Have option to not have this happen.
    Fix the plan display so the posts display cleanly without the other componants show thru it. There is a tickbox for cleanup at posts for model display but not for plan??
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