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Thread: Quantity Takeoff of CMU and Rebar?

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    Default Quantity Takeoff of CMU and Rebar?

    Hello, Is it possible to do a quantity take off of CMU and Rebar? If so how can I do this?

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    Default Re: Quantity Takeoff of CMU and Rebar?

    Hi Nathan,

    I would say that you could do it. I'm assuming your CMU is a wall style so you could make a property set that multiplies the length and height of the wall and divides it by block size. For example, for standard 16" X 8" block you would the length and height of the wall and divide it by 128 sq in or .88 sq ft. Rebar could probably be done in a similar fashion by taking the wall size and multiplying it by a "rebar factor" Neither one of these will be exact but it would probably get you close enough for budgetary purposes.

    Hope this helps get you started. If not post back and we'll step you through the process.
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    Default Re: Quantity Takeoff of CMU and Rebar?

    Actually, there is already a feature in ACA that automatically schedules the wall area, both net and gross. For figuring masonry you need the net area.

    To get the number of units you need to export the schedule to an Excel file and add a formula to the wall area. You can do the same for reinforcement.

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