Summary: The ability to manually adjust wall joins by editing the two faces of each of the layers. Often we have multiple wall types that join together and Revit cannot produce the correct join situation. This would include defining the start and end of material transitions in the same plane.

Description: Wall joins should be able to be manually overridden by defining both faces of each layer of the walls. This is particularly useful where complex wall joins occur or the join condition is different from floor to floor and/or roof to T.O. parapet. Often times if we are able to cycle through Revit's automatic wall join conditions and find the proper solution, it automatically kicks back to a different join condition after editing other parts of the model. When producing construction documents it is impossible to catch all the join conditions that revit has automatically changed to be incorrect. For this condition, allowing to 'Lock" your wall join is important.

On a similar note, walls do not wrap at inserts when walls are embedded in to that wall or a curtain wall is embedded. The veneer only wraps at doors and windows and the location line of the wrap can be defined. I would like this feature to be available to embedded walls and curtain walls as well.

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Walls

Submitted By: Nick Baxter on 12/26/2012