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Thread: Electrical Equipment Families

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    Default Electrical Equipment Families

    I need the following Electrical Equipment's Specifically Please Guide from where i can get these families

    1. RMU's
    2. Transformers Oil Type
    3. Main Switches Board
    4.Capacitance Bank
    5. ATS's
    6. Out door Type Generators

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    Default Re: Electrical Equipment Families

    You can get a lot of these from SeekAUTODESK.COM OR MANUFACTURES HAVE GOOD CONTENT LIKE SIEMENS OR SQUARE-D. ?Some may need a little manipulation to get exactly what you want. Another option is to get ahold og=f Cad Technology Center. they have an electrical productivity pack that has a ton of content ready to go. It cost $1,500.00 but compare that to how long it would take you at your wage to make the content. I ended up buying it and manipulating it they way I neede them. It is a good solution.

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