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Thread: HELP !! Got Gedit 3 error crash AGAIN ! My Acad LT 2002 HAS to be fixed !

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    Default HELP !! Got Gedit 3 error crash AGAIN ! My Acad LT 2002 HAS to be fixed !

    I had help on this before and now after some computer work, it's doing it again. I have Windows XP Pro. My saved text info said that after installing "SP1 (k030ltss1_k044_aclt_unl) and Gedit3 (acltk044_k047unl) patches in compatability mode - it works and doesn't have to be in compatability mode anymore". 1> First, I don't remember running two patches. 2> I am now into SP3 on this machine and that info started off with "SP1. Does it make any difference to be in SP3? 3> How do I run Acad in compatability mode and, if necessary, how do I get back into SP1? 4> When trying that k047 file again I got an error "Not a valid Win32 application". That stopped me dead! How can I fix that?
    An address note in that file was: "' I presume that is where I download the k047 (is it a Win32?) .... Many thanks in advance for your help!! Dirk3 - at - preferred
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    Default Re: HELP !! Got Gedit 3 error crash AGAIN ! My Acad LT 2002 HAS to be fixed !

    Acad LT 2002? might just be simpler to download and install Draftsight. I'd venture to bet that it's got more functionality, and the price (free to download and use for any purpose) is nice too.
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    Default Re: HELP !! Got Gedit 3 error crash AGAIN ! My Acad LT 2002 HAS to be fixed !

    The error is triggered by another software on your PC: what got added? Historically it's been Norton products.
    LT2002 is prone to such problems, other than the advice noted above, consider a search through Google and try the dozen or so proposed fixes that has worked for others (be prepared to uninstall some of your other software and/or a PC reformat if you must stick with LT2002). Sorry, there is no easy fix, LT2002 was plagued and remains snake-bitten with this problem.
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